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Regular exposure to loud sounds in the workplace can result in permanent hearing loss. At ExamTech, we offer mobile hearing testing, and work with clients in Midland, TX and surrounding areas. We we help companies stay compliant with OSHA standards. We ensure employees are protecting their hearing with properly fitting protective devices, helping maximize safety and productivity.

Testing We Offer Includes:

• Audiometric testing
• Pulmonary function testing
• Quantitative fit testing
• Noise surveys
• Hearing protection fit testing
• Medical questionnaire evaluations
• Comprehensive audiometric exams
We also are proud to now offer custom-molded hearing protection.
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Why We Went Mobile

Our mobile unit makes it more convenient for companies to have their employees tested and to keep in compliance with OSHA standards for hearing and respiratory protection. With our mobile unit, we can come to you whenever it is best for you. Our unit is equipped for us to provide several testing options, including audiometric testing, pulmonary function testing, quantitative fit testing, and noise surveys.

Occupational Hearing

Industrial workplaces are often very loud. Did you know that any sound that is louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage and noise-induced hearing loss? But how loud is 85 decibels? Take a look at the chart below, with information provided by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NIOSH/CDC).
Sounds Intensities Permissible Exposure Time
City Traffic, inside the car 85 dB 8 hours
Bulldozer 88 dB 4 hours
Jazz Concert 91 dB 2 hours
Power Mower 94 dB 1 hour
Night Club 97 dB 30 minutes
Ambulance Siren, inside; driver window down 100 dB 15 minutes
Rock Concert, Leaf Blower 115 dB 30 seconds
Ambulance 125 dB
Jet from 100 Feet 135 dB
Gun Shot 145 dB
12-Gauge Shotgun 165 dB

Occupational Noise & Hearing Protection

To prevent hearing loss at work that can result in workers’ compensation cases, it’s important that employees exposed to a constantly loud environment use hearing protection devices and receive regular hearing tests to diagnose hearing loss.

Hunting Ear Protection

While hunting, you need a device that protects your ear from the sound of a shotgun, while still allowing you to hear very soft sounds. Options include custom or over-the-counter ear plugs or ear muffs, as well as devices that offer amplification while still dampening the gunshot sounds to an acceptable level.

Musician Ear Protection

Professional musicians are frequently exposed to high-decibel sounds that can lead to tinnitus, hearing loss, and other complications. Musicians require special ear molds that protect the ear from loud sounds while not distorting the sounds of the music around them, as traditional earplugs can do. In fact, some types of hearing protection devices can even enhance the sounds of the music you hear.

Recreational Shooter Ear Protection

If you’re a recreational shooter, you are exposed to gunfire sounds over 130 decibels, which can damage your hearing. Electronic earplugs can actually enhance softer sounds, such as those of game, while dampening the sound of gunfire to a safe decibel.

Law Enforcement Ear Protection

If you work in law enforcement, your hearing abilities are essential. If you have fired a weapon, you probably noticed a temporary decrease in hearing. Protect your hearing with a device that will dampen the sounds of close gunfire while amplifying the sounds you need to hear.

Industrial Hearing Protection

If you work in an environment where loud sounds are constant every day, permanent hearing loss can ensue. Earplugs are essential to protect your hearing and enhance your job performance. Earplugs can reduce the decibel level of loud noises, preventing hearing damage. Our team can ensure that your earplugs are properly fitted to provide the most effective protection.
Hearing Tests Audio Acoustics Testing & Diagnostics in Odessa, TX

How Hearing Works

Hearing occurs when sound waves pass through the outer ear into the ear canal, which is lined with small hairs as well as the glands that create ear wax. At the end of the ear canal is the middle ear, which consists of the eardrum and three small bones called the hammer, anvil, and stirrup. When sound waves reach the eardrum, it vibrates and causes the surrounding bones to move, and those vibrations are carried into the inner ear. Because all parts of the middle ear work together, hearing loss can occur when there is damage to the eardrum or any of the surrounding bones.

In the inner ear is the cochlea, which contains the hearing nerve that converts sound vibrations into nerve impulses that are then carried to the brain by small hair cells. However, if any part of the hearing process is distorted, the brain will not interpret the sounds correctly, which signifies hearing damage.

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